Making It Easy for Patients to Say ‘Yes’ & Just Because You’re an Expert…Doesn’t Make You Interesting

October 23, 2015 – 8:00am
Credit Hours:
Dr. Paul Homoly, CSP
Dr. Paul Homoly, CSP
Dr. Paul Homoly, CSP, is a world-class leader in dental education. As a comprehensive, restorative dentist and acclaimed educator for over twenty-five years, he is known for his innovative and practical approach to dentistry. He has authored the best-selling books Dentists: An Endangered Species; Isn’t it Wonderful When Patients Say “Yes!”; Making it Easy for Patients to Say “Yes!”; Just Because You’re Leading… Doesn’t Mean They’ll Follow, and Just Because You’re An Expert… Doesn’t Make You Interesting. Paul also created and wrote the on-line curriculum and iTunes app Case Acceptance for Everyday Dentistry and co-created the iTunes app DDS GP YES.

$129 / night – NOW THROUGH OCTOBER 2ND, 2015!

Morning Lecture:

Making It Easy for Patients to Say ‘Yes’

The workshop is designed to coach you through each step of the new patient process from the initial phone call through financial arrangements. Special emphasis is placed on each member of the dental team being able to advance the case acceptance process. This workshop enjoys excellent instructional design making the content easy and fun to learn and immediately applicable in your practice. It’s highly recommended the entire dental team attend.

You’ll Say “Yes” to the Benefits!

  • Boost practice profitability
  • Do more of the dentistry you love
  • Create a successful case presentation process
  • Enjoy greater confidence
  • Never sound or feel like a salesman

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Afternoon Lecture:

Just Because You’re an Expert…Doesn’t Make You Interesting

If you’re a professional who wants your clients, team members, juries, investors, patients, employees, or customers to act on your recommendations, then you’ll love Just Because You’re an Expert… Doesn’t Make You Interesting™.  This workshop is all about making you an Interesting Expert; one who is more likely to influence people than typical experts who can overwhelm, confuse, or bore listeners.

If you’ve taken the time and made the commitment to become an expert, then take the time and make the commitment to become an Interesting Expert.

  • The Benefits Speak For Themselves!
  • Help the people you influence make good decisions.
  • Stronger leadership skills.
  • Grow your business / practice / company.
  • Eliminate stage fright.
  • Develop staff skills.

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